I help women gain confidence in their food choices and effortlessly reach weight loss goals change though my signature habit-based, all foods fit method.



there's a better way

Have you tried diets before and you still feel stuck on the yo-yo train? I'm assuming you've driven yourself crazy with counting and tracking. There's a different way to start feeling better.

Let me show you!

I offer high accountability virtual nutrition coaching where I help you focus on helping you feel your best.

"Before working with Olivia I had been able to lose weight on my own with a little success but was completely in the dark about how to lose weight and maintain strength and stamina during my rowing season. 


Working with Olivia is incredible, I was able to have my most successful racing season since graduating and was able to lose weight at the same time! The biggest breakthrough was dropping below 174, my lowest weight since college, and then being able to lose a full 10 lbs and get below 170. I was skeptical I would be capable of losing weight below 174 and we CRUSHED it!!! 


I would tell someone thinking about joining Olivia’s program that it is completely worth it. Her holistic and sustainable approach can work for anyone willing to follow it. She gives you the tools to succeed and genuinely cares about your success. It was truly a pleasure working with her."

my method is unlike any diet you've ever tried

I started my own business because I wanted to use my own style and methods to teach women that it is possible to lose weight while enjoying all foods in moderation. I've had my own nutrition and weight loss journey and managed to lose and keep off 20 lbs as I've implemented what I've learned in school in my own life. 

I'll teach you a more valuable less than a textbook ever could:  changing your habits is the only way your weight loss will stick.

habit based