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Gut Makeover

Rebalance your gut for healthier hormones, revitalized energy, and fewer gut symptoms, in 4 weeks!

Are you doing all the things, but still struggling with painful bloating, staying regular, and having enough energy to get through your day? 

  • You're trying like like crazy with little result!

  • Losing motivation, you can’t afford to keep experimenting to figure out what's causing your symptoms.

  • You're frustrated by conflicting information, and beginning to question whether ANYTHING that you're doing is right.

Oh, hey there! I'm Olivia, and I'm here to help.

I can help you because I know how it feels to be stumbling around in the dark, desparate for answers.


I personally struggled with gut imbalance for many years, and experienced symptoms like constant bloating, uncontrollable cravings, weight loss resistance, cystic acne, eczema, and chronic fatigue.


But doctors would tell me “everything looks fine”, or just write me a script. I felt like something must be wrong with ME for wanting to dig deeper into the root cause.


I made so many mistakes trying to put a band-aid fix on my symptoms. Then I realized, everything I was feeling could be solved through a healthier gut.

I've combined my real life experience with my educational background, and am giving you the strategies that worked to get me amazing results. 

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When your gut is out of balance, it affects your entire body! An unhealthy gut could be the root cause of everything you're feeling, like...

  • Brain Fog

  • Energy Crashes

  • Insatiable Hunger and Cravings

  • Bloating, Gas, and Irregular Bowel Movements

  • New Food Intolerances

  • Frequent Illness

The 28-Day Gut Makeover gives you 4 weeks of done-for-you meal plans that will bring your gut back into a healthy and balanced state. Plus, you'll gain access to a resource library with easy-to-implement tips to help you:

  • Beat Bloating, Gas, and Get Regular

  • Repair and Heal Leaky Gut 

  • Balance Gut-Related Hormones: Estrogen, Insulin, and Thyroid


When you implement what's inside of The 28-Day Gut Makeover, you will start feeling better within a few short days!


“Today begins week 2 of the 28-Day Gut Makeover. I've lost 3 pounds and am so much less bloated. I took pictures to compare my bloating and OMG it's crazy!!!!”


The 28-Day Gut Makeover is where you'll gain a deep understanding of the root cause of your gut symptoms, and plug-and-play the clear-cut plan to get results! Are you ready to restore your gut health + hormone balance, reap the benefits of more energy, happier bowel movements, and kick bloating to the curb!? 

Here's the 100% done-for-you plan that will get you there...

  • STEP 1: Begin the 28-day meal plan! Food sensitivity swaps, as well as gluten-free, dairy-free, and low FODMAP options are included.

  • STEP 2: Learn my signature MEND Method for balanced, gut-healthy meals that will give you the flexibility to go off of the meal plan as needed, WITHOUT losing confidence that you're eating the right thing. 

  • STEP 3: Utilize the resource library at any point for specific guidance on how to 

    • get long-term relief from bloating, gas, constipation, and unpredictable poos

    • ​​establish a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut and heal your gut lining - the secret to not just gut health, but overall feeling good in your body

    • increase your energy and relieve PMS through supporting your gut in keeping endocrine, sex, and thyroid hormones healthy

Plus Access to Ask Me Anything Inside of Our Facebook Inner Circle!

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