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i'm olivia ashton

I offer a revolutionary habit-based, "all foods fit" approach to weight loss. (Read: you can do it while still eating cheese plates for dinner!)


My nutrition coaching programs are designed to give you the confidence and structure you need to (finally!) succeed at weight loss and ditch dieting for good. My innovative program allows you to reach your goals without counting a single calorie or stressing over how you'll make up for eating pasta or drinking margaritas. 

I am a trained dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD), but I'm different from other dietitians or weight loss coaches because I've had my own nutrition and weight loss journey. I was tired of being overweight and feeling ike a failure on diets. I went to school to learn for myself how to lose weight the right way, and I managed to lose and keep off 20lbs.


I've put everything I've learned both in the classroom and in real life into creating my signature nutrition coaching programs. So I know it works!

First and foremost, I'll help you fix your relationship with food. You'll overcome the mindset that you have to cut carbs to lose weight, and, if you go through all the steps, you'll leave my program having lost weight (if that is your goal), in a manner that feels intuitive and sustainable.