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weight-loss momentum 2.0

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accelerator course

you know you can get what you want...

You’ve lost weight before. But the diets that worked for you in the past are becoming harder and harder to stick to. It was easy when you were single in your 20’s, but now with a stressful job, keeping up with friendships, and the eating influence from your family - you can barely follow your noom plan for a week. 


At the same time, when you decide weight loss isn’t worth this kind of stress, and proclaim “no more dieting!” - it always ends in a self-sabotage spiral of repeating bad habits. You’re unsure of a better path, or if you should just stop trying.

the problem? you have been conditioned to stay motivated by flashy results - not the steps that get you there. 

You can have the flashy results you want! But what you’re really after is the long-term satisfaction of not just losing weight, but losing weight the right way. There’s a reason why you can’t stick to diets, and why you always gain the weight back. It’s because other weight loss plans don’t give you a rock solid foundation of habits to fall back on.


To get long-term happiness, you need to get results that are guaranteed to stick. I’m living proof that happiness doesn’t come from just losing weight, it comes from the confidence that you have habits in place to make it last.

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start shouting your goals from the rooftops! you no longer have to avoid telling people about your diet, out of fear your weight loss won’t last

Can you imagine how it would feel to wake up feeling motivated because you know exactly what to do to make progress, stay in maintenance mode, or even have a day of mindfully indulging - WITHOUT it turning into a binge?

a life where:

  • Your days aren’t dictated by being “all in” or “all out”

  • You experienced more energy, clearer skin, and less cravings

  • You saw steady, consistent change in your body

I know exactly what will happen...

  • Your progress would shift forward and build your confidence that you’re meant for more

  • You’d start FEELING your best; both physically and mentally

  • You feel proud of your hard work when it starts to pay off and other people start noticing

weight-loss momentum


accelerator course

A self-study course designed to help you heal your gut and implement convertible habits for lasting weight loss, in 30 days.

No more planning to self-sabotage on the day your diet ends. Weight Loss Momentum gives you a roadmap of habits that will jumpstart weight loss that lasts. (Yes, really! You don’t have to stress about the weight coming back!)

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you’ve proven to yourself for so many years of life that you can lose weight through a diet and an exercise plan. You know there are diets that will get you results in your usual 3 weeks

In a world that prioritizes instant gratification over long-term success, Weight Loss Momentum challenges the status quo.


My stake in the ground and the great foundation of my brand is that I coach my clients to success through habit change. Forming habits that ensure sustainability is what sets me apart from other dietitians and nutrition coaches.  


Unlike others, I’m not just promising results. Because if results were what you were after, you’d get them and be able to maintain them forever. What you need is the confidence that comes from losing weight because of your ability and desire to make choices that align with your ever-changing lifestyle - not from being told what you should eat for 30 days. 

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the last thing I want you to feel is overwhelmed by the thought of starting something you don't think you'll actually finish

After you purchase this course, you’ll be invited to join our client Inner Circle community on Facebook, where you can get the support and guidance you need to master this and more. 


You’ll gain instant access to DIY implementation tools, as well as step-by-step plans in the “done for you” section. After you have all of the information, you can use  the provided monitoring and self-evaluation tools to make sure you don’t get analysis paralysis. I’ll explain everything so that you have the understanding in order to then start to implement and take action, and evaluate how these changes are benefiting your life.

there's an easier way

i see you

now is your time

start your transformation

Let me take the confusion out of nutrition, help you make habit change simple and convenient, and give you the tools to stay motivated on a daily basis to reach your weight loss goals. I’ll teach you how to structure your meals for weight loss and strengthen your habit or portion control.

You’ll not only get the facts about how to use habit change for weight loss, but you’ll feel empowered to hand in your diet culture resignation once and for all.

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frequently asked questions

  • What's new?
    Weekly meal plans, audio modules, dripped out lessons to prevent overwhelm, and updated resources that encompass both weight management and gut-health action items.
  • When does the course start and how long will it take?
    WLM is a self-paced course. Immediately upon purchase, you’ll be granted lifetime access to the curriculum, and may begin anytime. From start to finish, this course is designed for you to build momentum for lasting weight loss in 30 days.
  • Can I do this course if I’m breastfeeding?
    Yes! This course has a specific focus on incorporating nutrient dense, minimally processed foods into your diet - providing you with nutrients that are essential during breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding, I’d recommend adding an extra 300-500 calories/day to your nutrition needs calculation, instead of subtracting calories for weight loss. Once you’ve completed breastfeeding, you can re-calculate your needs for weight loss if you desire.
  • Can I do this course if I’m vegan?
    Sure can! In this course you’ll learn my 3-2-1 Methodology to restore gut health, which is entirely plant based. It’s not a vegan-specific program, so it won’t be entirely tailored for that, but I do provide vegan recommendations, especially for protein. Since the portion guidelines are based on food labels, you’ll be able to apply the same information for vegan products, and I always welcome questions about vegan foods in the Facebook community!
  • How much weight will I lose?
    Weight loss looks different for everyone, and the goal of this course isn’t about helping you drop pounds drastically, as much as it’s about empowering you on a weight loss journey that is sustainable - so you won’t have to worry about the weight coming back. Inside, I teach you how to calculate your nutrition needs in order to lose a sustainable 1/2-1lb per week, but no amount of weight loss is guaranteed.
  • What if it doesn’t work for me?
    One of the most common concerns I hear from potential clients is that they’ve tried so many programs and nothing has worked, and they’re scared to invest in my coaching because they fear it will end the same. Your weight-loss results in this program are not guaranteed, but I do want you to leave having seen progress in at least one way (non-scale wins are where it's at, anyway!). If you purchase the course, feel like you did not get anything out of it, and can provide evidence that: you’ve put forth your best effort, completed all lesson modules and tracking sheets, and have actively asked for feedback in the Facebook community, a refund may be offered.
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